LANC Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Unit  Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention
    A special, statewide project of Legal Aid of NC (LANC)


    For immediate help with your foreclosure call (toll-free):
     Legal Aid of North Carolina866-219-LANC (866-219-5262)
     Homeowner's HOPE Hotline: 888-995-HOPE (888-995-4673)


About us...

The goal of LANC's Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention (MFP) unit is to keep working poor and working families in possession of their homes and their equity.

By providing quality legal representation in foreclosure actions, the MFP saves homes, preserves credit ratings and strives to make prohibitive the cost of conducting business for the unscrupulous brokers and lenders.  The MFP also promotes community education to increase awareness of home finance best practices and the dangers of predatory lending.

The MFP includes a "team" of attorneys and staff who are located in Legal Aid of NC (LANC) offices and who specialize in foreclosure defense and predatory lending law.  The MFP team acts on referrals from LANC offices and community organizations throughout North Carolina.

Home Defense Project (HDP)                                         Workshops

LANC's MFP team also collaborates with other legal services organizations to save homes and reduce foreclosures in North Carolina through the Home Defense Project (HDP).  The HDP is a collaboration of seven nonprofit organizations:  Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC), the NC Justice Center, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont, Pisgah Legal Services, the Land Loss Prevention Project, the Financial Protection Law Center and the NC Housing Coalition.  LANC and its legal services partners on the HDF use their legal skills and resources to seek reasonable loan modifications and provide high-quality foreclosure defense work in every county of North Carolina.  In addition, the NC Justice Center (NCJC) and the Financial Protection Law Center provide litigation support and analysis on impact cases.  The NCJC also assists with training and the implementation of best practices, tactics and strategies for individual cases.  The NC Housing Coalition designs and coordinates outreach and education in support of the project by holding community forums to educate consumers, link them with legal advocates and engage community members in articulating policy solutions.

The Home Defense Project (HDP) is funded in part by a grant from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.
Workshops/Clinics (announcements):
  Housing Assistance Workshop in Asheboro on April 9, 2011,
   10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (Flier)
  Housing Assistance Workshop in Greenville on April 2, 2011,
   11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Flier)


"Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention" (pdf document)
   ...A tri-fold brochure that describes LANC's Mortgage Foreclosure
   Prevention (MFP) unit, a special, statewide project of Legal Aid of North
   Carolina (LANC).  The goal of the MFP is to keep working poor
   and working families in possession of their home and their

Consider the following:

 è Are you in a worse financial situation than before refinancing or
       taking your second mortgage?

 è Were you promised one mortgage/loan and found out that you
       got a different mortgage/loan when you signed the paperwork,
       or later?

 è Do you have an unreasonably high payment due at the end of or
      during your mortgage/loan’s term?

 è Is your monthly payment or interest rate higher than you thought
       it would be?

 è Were there a lot of fees included in your mortgage/loan?

 è Did you have high closing costs when you signed for your

 è Did you complete the paperwork before signing the
       mortgage/loan paperwork?

 è Did your lender include information in your mortgage/loan
       paperwork that was not truthful?

 è Did you find your mortgage/loan confusing and not have anyone
      you could trust to explain it to you?

 è Did you get a second mortgage/loan for home improvements
       that were incomplete or done poorly?

 è Does your mortgage/loan include very high insurance payments? 

 è Are you going to be fined or charged prepayment penalties
       included if you pay off your mortgage/loan early?

 è Was your mortgage/loan refinanced or changed to another
       creditor without your knowledge or consent?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you may have been the victim of an improper mortgage/loan.  If you are concerned of this please gather your paperwork and call your local Legal Aid of North Carolina office for assistance.

MFP Team Staff

Johnnie Larrie, Esq., Project Leader, MFP
MFP staff attorneys
LANC staff attorneys (LANC offices)
[The Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention unit includes a "team" of attorneys and staff who are located in LANC offices across North Carolina and who specialize in foreclosure defense and predatory lending law.]

Hazel M. Mack, Esq., Project Director, Home Defense Project (HDP)

Contact Information

If you think that you might be at risk of foreclosure...or think something wasn't right about the closing on the purchase or refinancing of your home, then you may have been a victim of an improper mortgage or loan.  To discuss your concerns, call your local Legal Aid of North Carolina office.


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Mission Statement

Legal Aid of North Carolina is a statewide, nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services in civil matters to low-income people in order to ensure equal access to justice and to remove legal barriers to economic opportunity.


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