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Volunteer Spotlights
We are a statewide, nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services in civil matters to low-income people in order to ensure equal access to justice and to remove legal barriers to economic opportunity.

Volunteer Spotlights

Our pro bono volunteers are crucial partners in our efforts to provide equal access to justice to all North Carolinians. Here are some volunteers that have made a big difference in the lives of our clients.

 Mark A. Finkelstein

Mark Finkelstein volunteer spotlight headshot.jpgFox Rothschild LLP



 Evan Lewis

Evan Lewis volunteer spotlight headshot.jpgEvan Lewis, Attorney

Washington, N.C.

Evan Lewis, a former Legal Aid lawyer now in private practice, helped save our client's home by untangling a complicated "heir property" issue. Our client is a disabled senior citizen living in a family home that required significant repairs. Legal Aid became involved after the city in which our client lives cited the home for several code violations. The home was titled in the names of our client's parents, who passed away years ago without transferring title to their children. The property taxes on the home were also delinquent due to our client’s limited income. Volunteer attorney Evan Lewis generously donated his time and expertise with this type of legal issue (often referred to as “heir property”) and was able to resolve the title issue for the home, which allowed our client to qualify for a home repair grant and property-tax relief from the city. Our client and our client's relatives were elated to learn that the home would stay in the family. Without Evan’s assistance, the home may have been condemned due to the code violations.


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Andrea C. Chomakos



Andrea Chomakos helped one of our clients close out her deceased husband's estate, paving the way for our client to receive a loan modification from her mortgage lender. Our client had been struggling financially since her husband passed away some years ago. While he was still alive, she and her husband took out a bank loan using the home as collateral. Our client got behind on the payments after her husband’s passing. We were in the process of helping her get a loan modification when her lender informed us that her husband’s estate had to be settled as part of any modification package. Andrea stepped in and administered and closed out the estate of our client’s husband—a very complicated process. Closing her husband's estate allowed us to successfully negotiate a loan modification with her mortgage lender. Our client avoided foreclosure, and even got lower monthly payments.


 Ron L. Trimyer, Jr.

Ron L. Trimyer Jr.jpgMast Law Firm


Our client came to Legal Aid seeking help with a collections issue during a difficult time in her life, having just lost her mother. While still in mourning in the months after her mother's death, a collections agency began harassing her with phone calls and letters, claiming that she was responsible for her mother's credit card balance—a debt of which our client knew nothing. We assigned the case to Ron, who worked with our client to track down the debt to its source and then demanded that the collections agency prove that our client was obligated to settle the debt. After making several phone calls and filing a fraud report, Ron uncovered the truth: The collections agency had no legal justification for coming after our client. Thanks to Ron's perseverance, our client recently received a letter from the collections agency stating that it was no longer pursuing the debt. That's a huge burden off our client's shoulders.

Posted July 11, 2019

 Polly Chien

Polly Chien.JPG

Big win in small claims court

Our client loaned someone money but soon realized that she was not going to be repaid. She could not afford a private attorney, so she sued in small claims court on her own. At the hearing, the judge refused to review our client's evidence and ruled against her. With a short deadline to appeal, our client contacted us for help. We assigned the case to Polly Chien, one of our pro bono volunteers in Greenville. Working closely with attorneys in our Greenville office, Polly prepared to represent our client at her appeal hearing. Thanks to Polly's hard work and unwavering determination, the judge ruled in favor of our client and awarded her nearly $1,000 in damages.

In her own words

"Taking a pro bono case is a great way for a new attorney like me to gain some invaluable experience in the local courthouse. I don't do court cases, so at the beginning I was anxious and worried about whether I could adequately represent my client at her hearing. However, Legal Aid's Greenville office gave me their relentless support and advice throughout the process. I have to thank attorney Daniel Worrall for his guidance and tips that reduced my anxiety and mistakes in the courtroom. Many legal aid clients have more than one broken piece in their lives. We couldn't help fix them all, but with my humble assistance in amending one piece of this client's life, she could find strength to move on. It has been a very rewarding experience in which both the attorney and the client are the beneficiaries: the client receives the free legal help, and the attorney has the opportunity to learn new skills and build up a new network in the process. Thank you, Legal Aid!"

Posted June 18, 2019