Legal Aid honors 2009 pro bono efforts in Winston Salem

Paul C. Shepard
Attorney of the Year

On Thursday, March 25, 2010, the Winston-Salem office of Legal Aid of North Carolina held its third annual pro bono celebration to recognize the pro bono efforts of our local attorneys.  The time, hard work and dedication of our local attorney volunteers made it possible to provide legal assistance to even more clients in 2009.  [To volunteer in 2010, click here.]


[Click here to view "Pro Bono Celebration" program (a pdf document).]
The event and reception were held  in the Upper Level of the Liberty Plaza Building (building in which the LANC-Winston-Salem Office is located) in downtown Winston-Salem. 
Celeste Harris, Chair of the LANC-Winston-Salem Office Local Advisory Council and Vice-Chair, LANC Board of Directors, welcomed everyone.


Gene R. Nichol (UNC Professor of Law and Director, Center
 on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, UNC School of Law) was
 the guest speaker. 
Nichol spoke about his rewarding experiences
 doing pro bono work, and encouraged the private bar members in
  attendance to get their colleagues involved in pro bono work for

2009 Pro Bono Awards Recipients (see photos below)

Volunteer Attorney of the Year:
          Paul C. Shepard
Family Law Volunteer Attorney of the Year,
     Rural Counties
          Susan Brotherton
Family Law Attorney of the Year, Forsyth
          Lorraine Mortis
Consumer/Housing Volunteer Attorney of the Year:
          Alton L. Absher, III
Firm of the Year:
          Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge, & Rice, PLLC, Winston-Salem
Volunteer Law Clerk
          Monique Hannam

The LANC-Winston-Salem Office also recognized 46 pro bono attorneys (see list below) who took a case and/or co-counseled with LANC in 2009. 
 Jean Witherspoon (PAI Coordinator, LANC-Winston-
 Salem Office) presented a certificate of appreciation to each
 pro bono attorney and thanked all the pro bono attorneys for
 dedication to LANC clients in 2009. 

Closing Remarks 

Closing and thank you comments were provided by Hazel Mack-Hillard, Regional Manager, LANC Triad Region;.
to all of our pro bono attorneys for the work you do for our clients!!!



  Paul C. Shepard (Paul C. Shepard,
 Attorney  at law, Winston-Salem) received
 the Volunteer Attorney of the Year
Yvette Stackhouse (Managing  Attorney, LANC-Winston- Salem Office)
 presented his award.  Shepard's solo practice
 was founded in 1985 in Winston-Salem.  He
 has performed pro bono work for years and presently serves on the Local Advisory Council of the LANC-Winston-Salem Office.  Shepard went above and beyond on a particular family law case in 2009, putting is many volunteer hours that resulted in a favorable outcome for the client. 

  Susan Brotherton  (Sole Practitioner,
 Statesville, NC) received the award for
 Family Law Volunteer Attorney of the
 Year, Rural Cases
.  The award was
 presented by Valene K. Franco (Managing
 Attorney - Family Law Unit, LANC-
 Winston- Salem Office).  Brotherton
 continues to take numerous cases for LANC
 clients in Iredell County.  Without her volunteer services in 2009, many the low-income clients in that rural area would have gone without legal assistance.

  Lorraine Mortis  (Lorraine Mortis
 Attorney at Law, Winston-Salem, NC)
 received the award for Family Law 
 Attorney of the Year, Forsyth County. 
The award was presented by Valene K.
 Franco (Managing Attorney - Family Law
 Unit, LANC- Winston- Salem Office).  A
 former Legal  Aid Society of Northwest NC
 family law attorney,  Mortis continues to support Legal Aid by volunteering her time and expertise to domestic violence clients.  Her willingness to help and compassion for our clients in 2009 was invaluable to LANC.


  Alton L. Absher, III (Associate,
 Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP, Winston-
 Salem, NC) received the Consumer/
 Housing Volunteer Attorney of the
 Year Award
, which was presented by Liza
 Baron (Managing Attorney - Housing,
 Education, Employment, Consumer Unit, 
 LANC-Winston-Salem Office).  Absher
 spent many hours on a case while filing suit and negotiating a settlement agreement with a builder to provide required repairs for our client.

  Monique Hannam received the
 Volunteer Law Clerk Award, which
 was presented by Yvette Stackhouse
 (Managing  Attorney, LANC-Winston- Salem Office).  Monique is a licensed
 attorney in Jamaica, and came to LANC
 Winston-Salem office in 2009 to volunteer
 as a law clerk.  Her volunteer time provided
 invaluable assistance to the entire staff.

  Womble, Carlyle,  Sandridge, & Rice,
 PLLC,  Winston-Salem
 recognition as  Firm of the Year for its
 strong commitment to pro bono support of
 Safe on Seven, Forsyth County’s domestic
 violence center.  The award was presented by Valene Franco (Managing Attorney - Family law Unit, LANC-Winston-Salem Office).   Accepting the Award on behalf of the Womble Carlyle firm were attorney Chris Douglas, a leader of the firm’s Case Management Facility Practice Team, and Leslie Gough, a paralegal manager at the CMF, who have spearheaded the firm’s innovative pro bono efforts to provide paralegals volunteers at Safe on Seven.  More than 900 hours were logged by the volunteers.

2009 Volunteer Attorneys,
LANC-Winston-Salem Office


  Reid “Cal” Adams
Alton L. Absher, III
Katherine Bosken
Susan Brotherton
Colleen Byers
Emily Cato
Reginald F. Combs*
Lisa Costner
Richard Crouse
J. Calvin Cunningham, III
Ellis B. Drew, III*
Adam Drye
Chad Freeman
Bryan Gates, Jr.
Denise Gold
Murray (Tripp) Greason, III
Monica Guy
Chad Hansen
Celeste Harris
Hada Haulsee
Greg Higgins
Andrea Kurtz
Frank Leak
Bailey Liipfert
Scott Lowry
David P. Mast, Jr.
Steven A. McCloskey
Laura C. Miller*
Stephen C. Minnich
Steve D. Moore*
Michael T. Morlock*
Lorraine M. Mortis
Kevin Morton
Michael L. Robinson
Cynthia B. Rothchild*
Susan J. Ryan
Russell J. Schonekas
Paul Shepard
David Smith
Robin J. Stinson
John P. Van Zandt, III
Steve Virgil
William Walker
Michael Wells, Jr.

   *[Co-counseled with LANC-Winston-Salem staff in 2009.] 

To sign up to volunteer for pro bono service for our clients, click here.

"Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Honored for Pro Bono Work by Legal Aid of North Carolina" (May 10, 2010, KS website article)


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