Proving home ownership

How to prove to FEMA that you own your home

Federal law requires FEMA to verify proof of ownership and occupancy from disaster survivors who apply for federal assistance to help with repairs to their damaged homes.

FEMA may verify ownership:

  1. By searching automated public and government records or

  2. Through documents submitted by the applicant either at the time of inspection or when an applicant applies.

Examples of the types of documents FEMA accepts to verify ownership/occupancy include:

  • A deed, title or lease agreement.

  • A bill of sale or land contract.

  • A mortgage payment booklet.

  • A property tax receipt or property tax bill.

  • A last will and testament (along with a death certificate) naming applicant heir to the property or

  • A real property structure insurance policy.

Documents Must Show:

  • The name of the applicant or co-applicant registering for assistance.

  • If a minor child is registering for assistance, the document must be in the adult co-applicant’s name.

  • The address of the damaged pre-disaster residence and

  • A date prior to the disaster incident period.

  • If you cannot provide these documents or you are a renter, you may still qualify for other assistance from FEMA, such as replacement of personal property.

Legal Aid of North Carolina may be able to help you prove ownership and/or occupancy. Call our toll-free statewide Helpline at 1-866-219-5262 or apply online to see if we can help.