What to do if your utility service is interrupted because of a disaster

If your home has lost water, gas, electricity, or cable due to the recent storm, you should report the loss of service directly to the utility company. Do not try and restore services yourself. Do not use a generator in your home or garage, and be careful using candles.

Do not allow anyone other than a trained service professional from the utility company to work on your home. Don't trust anyone who charges you a fee to restore your utility services after a natural disaster.

If your home is unlivable, you should contact your utility providers and ask them to suspend your services if you expect to be out of your home for an extended period of time. If the utility company charges a re- connect fee, ask for a waiver of the fee.

If you have to relocate, FEMA may be able to assist you with payment of connection fees for essential utilities.

FEMA may also pay for fuel for a primary heat source, such as heating oil or gas.

If you are a homeowner, and you have to relocate, contact your insurance company. Your insurance may cover the costs of your temporary housing, including utilities.

If you cannot afford to pay the existing utility bills from your damaged home due to a loss of income, you may be able to receive financial assistance by contacting the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or United Way.

If you are having problems with your utility company, you may be able to get assistance through the Public Staff of the North Carolina Utility Commission:

Here's where to get help:


American Red Cross:

Salvation Army:

United Way:

  • Dial 211 from any phone