Tropical Storm Fred

Call 866-219-5262 ext. 2657​, weekdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.​, for free legal help related to Tropical Storm Fred. Survivors who qualify for assistance will be matched with North Carolina lawyers who have volunteered to provide free, legal help. 

Examples of legal assistance available include:

  • Assistance with securing FEMA and other benefits available to disaster survivors
  • Assistance with life, medical and property insurance claims
  • Help with home repair contracts and contractors
  • Replacement of wills and other important legal documents destroyed in the disaster
  • Assisting in consumer protection matters, remedies and procedures
  • Counseling on mortgage-foreclosure problems
  • Counseling on landlord/tenant problems

Callers should:

  1. Identify that they are seeking storm-related legal assistance
  2. Ask for Disaster Legal Services
  3. Identify the county in which they are located

Survivors should be aware that there are some limitations on disaster legal services. For example, assistance is not available for cases that will produce a fee (i.e., those cases where fees are paid part of the settlement by the court). Such cases will be referred to the North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service at 800-662-7660.

This service is a partnership among the North Carolina Bar Association and Foundation, Legal Aid of North Carolina, American Bar Association, and FEMA to assist North Carolina residents affected by natural disasters.

To learn more, read the press release announcing the hotline on the American Bar Association's website.



Avoiding scams and fraud after a natural disaster

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